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Martedì 03 Ott 2023
You are here: Home Musica (Testi & Video) Ludvig Forssell [Death Stranding] * Ludvig Forssell: 'BB's Theme (from Death Stranding)'
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[Death Stranding] * Ludvig Forssell: 'BB's Theme (from Death Stranding)'

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Ludvig Forssell

BB's Theme (from Death Stranding)

(Testo cantato da Jenny Plant)

See the sunset
The day is ending
Let that yawn out
There's no pretending

I will hold you
And protect you
So let love warm you
Till the morning

I'll stay with you
By your side
Close your tired eyes
I'll wait and soon
I'll see your smile in a dream

And I won't wake before you go
And I still hear your heartbeat

Feel the wind rise
Adorned without you
Watch that star die
Eons without you

I'll stay with you
In your mind
Every single day
I'll wait and soon
We're stranded on the beach
In our dream

We left too soon
But in our lies
There's a truth to find
The air is new
But, tomorrow we must reach forth
To be heard

See the sunset
The day is ending
Let your heart stop
See the sunset
See the sunset

Oh, I'll try to stay with you
Oh, I won't stray away from the truth
And I
And I still want to love on you
And I

See the sunset
The day is ending

[ Brano tratto dal video game "Death Stranding" | Desu Sutorandingu | 2019, diretto da Hideo Kojima)

(Album: 'Death Stranding - Original Score', 2019, di Ludvig Forssell)

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